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The Home FELICITAS houses children who are not under the care of the parents while the situation of abandonment, violence, or neglect is resolved and their rights are reinstated.

It provides a friendly and family-like environment based on Christian values, free of the harmful effects of institutionalization, so that while the children are in the home, a seed is planted in each one of them that would encourage them later in life to develop their full potential and to become a good and happy person who can build a fair society.


We want to provide these children with a family-like environment of support where their individuality is taken into account, and where good relationships are encouraged and social integration is fomented inside the home and towards the community in general.


We seek to create a cultural change in each child, or at least to plant the seed of an alternative life… If possible, we want to provide them the reality of being treated well so they can forever have that memory and the hope to make it a reality in the future.  



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